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Inspired by nature, tender memories or distant places, a whole collection of some sixty delicious fragrances that insert themselves into a cleaner atmosphere, and invite you to the pleasure of sharing well-being on a daily basis.


In developing their creations, our master perfumers have access to hundreds of ingredients of natural or synthetic origins. Synthetic fragrances add to a perfumer’s palette with ingredients that are stable and safe, their combination with natural ingredients then makes it possible to create great fragrances with character.

They make it possible to substitute raw materials that have become rare or maybe dangerous to health. In order to create home fragrances that are modern and high olfactory quality, MAISON BERGER uses natural as well as synthetic raw materials.

The use of home fragrances does not replace your usual actions with regard to hygiene in the home and quality of indoor air: It is important to observe the following: regular airing of the home, frequent use of a vacuum cleaner, lower indoor temperature, no smoking in the home, regular cleaning of air vents and ventilation systems.



new and popular scents

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silk touch

The new Silk Touch home fragrance has exquisitely radiant, fresh and green top notes. The soft and tender heart reveals the wealth of a floral bouquet, enhanced with powdery notes. The base of this delicate and enveloping composition is filled with sweet notes and voluptuous musky notes. This fragrance is as precious and rare as silk cloth, like the satin inside a jewellery box.

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cotton caress

The new Cotton Caress Home Fragrance offers reassuring softness, lightness and elegance; comfortable and tender olfactory well-being. This powdery floral scent opens with clean notes, revealing at the heart an innocent bouquet of roses and orange blossom. This new olfactory composition is enveloped in honey-sweet softness, where vanilla and white musk reflect each other.

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velvety suede

The new Lampe Berger Velvety Suede home fragrance pays homage to the know-how of the fashion and luxury universes and to the exceptional, velvety and almost sensual touch of suede. Its flight of spices and saffron is softened by a slightly iris-scented floral bouquet, and then reveals a delicately milky and smooth facet. A mixed and original, supple and silky olfactory composition, the excellence of French perfumery.

fresh green grass

The naturalness of freshly cut grass is concentrated in this new olfactory creation by Maison Berger Paris. Herbe Fraîche is like a breath of fresh air. Simple and effective, it evokes familiar and soothing feelings that everyone will recognise. The pure and luminous scent of fresh grass is unmistakeable, intermingled with a light and aquatic floral heart. Its unrivalled charm comes from its woody bottom, which supports and harmonises the green flight of this new fragrance. Perfume secret: The word “grass” evokes a green-coloured plant. But we cannot extract the odour from grass, which is why the “cut grass” note, which reproduces the sweet and powerful green note of freshly cut damp grass, is made in a laboratory. Discovered in 1959, cis-3-Hexen-1-ol exists naturally in many plants. In perfumery, the molecule, used in small doses, strengthens the vegetal character of fragrances, adds greenness to a floral bouquet, refreshes a woody accord or gives clear character to fragrances.

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wild wood

Wild Wood is the new olfactory creation by Maison Berger Paris, a fragrance designed for those who demand the best and who love assertive woody intensity. This new fragrance is a woody oriental which opens with a blend of kumquat, basil and green apple, before then revealing a heart of lavender and diaphanous flowers to soften the over-masculine character, and finishes with a bottom of white cedar, vetiver and patchouli. An intense and chic fragrance; rough wood in all its splendour!

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