Limited Edition Lamp Fragrance Trio Set (3*6.08 oz.)

Limited Edition Lamp Fragrance Trio Set (3*6.08 oz.)


Petite size fragrances to experience.

 Fresh Eucalyptus

Aromatic & Invigorating

Inhale crisp notes of citrus mixed with heady eucalyptus and musky cedarwood. An invigorating mix of scents, like those from a nature walk.

 Lychee Paradise

Green & Exotic

Fill the room with this lush green and exotic scent. Mixed with notes of fresh, crisp lemon and apple, fruity notes of grapefruit and lychee, rounded out with peach and coconut.

 Pure White Tea

Fresh & Delicate

Like a bouquet of fresh flowers, this fragrance contains notes of bergamot, white tea, jasmine and white musk.

Set includes:

Fresh Eucalyptus refill 6.08 oz.
Lychee Paradise refill 6.08 oz.
White Tea refill 6.08 oz.

Please Note: This item cannot be shipped to California.

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